Apparel Designs

This is the way design for exercises my skill ,want to show you and sale artwork!!!
  • Crows (sold)
Oh...this design so interested the poeple. I sketch the crows for use it for design t-shirt but the sketch it interested .my friends say " it so beautiful sketched,Why you don't put it on tee for your design" umm.... and I did it,now the crows on tee and it look like so cool....
but for now RIPTapparel got this design for made to sale online.wow I so excited ,can't waiting for to see my t-shirt online. hope you like this and buy it when you see it.
thanks for kind....ha ha ha
  • Bushido Girl
I have inspiration from japanese culture and just admix something look sexy....wow, i like it!!
  • The one bite
I like this design too much ,i think about what i would like to put on my shirt..just one picture look like interested ,and i find this idea. "the one bite"
  • Monster Rock
Think the way of rock n monster
  • The NewRockstar (Guitar Hero)
I do this for vote at Shirtfight but i'm lost.so this design for sale.